Fabulous Friday

Keep calm! Laugh lots! Enjoy today because it will be the youngest you will ever be again. As we get older, we look for more laughter and less drama.

Here’s to another T.G.I.F…. weekend of smiles

Thanks for yet another great week of sharing my thoughts with you.

It was an unforgettable week with lots of high and low moments…the best thing is, they are now behind us – they made us stronger. We are still standing.

Have a fabulous weekend and see you again on Monday where the real life starts all over again.

Live! Love! LAUGH!!!

2 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday

  1. Hilarious! I especially like the one with tailgating while doing 50 in a 35 zone. I was doing recently 75 in a 50 and was asking myself the same question when this person stopped me to showed me a picture he took of the car with some writing on it about speed limit etc. I told him I do not like pictures and my wife always want me to take out pictures. I could not believe he would have taken out a picture of me and my car without my permission.


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