A Chance Of Showers and Thunderstorms

Our personal experiences sometimes sounds pretty much like a weather channel. In 24 hours we can go from happy to sad moments. Tears can flow like a river creating havoc and uncertainty displacing family members. Homes not built to outlast bad weather can vanish without a trace.

Let’s get real – God never promised His children that this life will be easy…but we are confident that He is bigger than any storm we may face in this life.

Your storm and my storm may look different, but they all have the potential to change us for better or for worse depending on our relationship with God.

In the storms we will learn about our strengths and/or weaknesses… some … we were always aware of, and some we were not aware of. But overall life becomes interesting because of those learning curves.

Reality Check:

Life is not always fair but our God is always faithful. I’ve come to realize that it’s in the storm that God strengthens us.

What we habitually do before a storm hits our home will determine how strong our foundation is when the storm arrives.

Storms are scary and we all know it’s no fun to be shipwrecked, but we must remind ourselves that when things are out of control, they are never out of God’s control.

Our control over the situation is minimal and we can do everything to keep stuff from falling apart, but beyond that, there’s nothing else to do. So our only option is allow God to become our anchor since storms don’t surprise Him.

When you are a Christian, you are never exempted from adverse weather – you simply learn how to stay safe by fixing your hope in Jesus. Resting on His mercies and trusting Him more.

God is The Only One who has the power to take something tragic and devastating and turn it around for good.


2 thoughts on “A Chance Of Showers and Thunderstorms

  1. With JESUS in my vessel, I can smile at the storm, smile at the storm, smile at the storm. With JESUS in my vessel, I can smile at the storm until HE leads me home.

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