What Comes Next after Godly Parenting

The awesome privilege we have as parents is the ability to guide our children in the right direction until they reach the age of accountability.

Bonus – to see them branch off into various pathways still keeping the path no matter how long and winding the road may have been.

Someone once said,

“The difference between school and life is that in school, we are taught a lesson and then given a test.

In life, you are given a test which teaches you a lesson.”

The truth is: Not all our children will stay on the same road that they started off. Some may take detours leading them to Pride Rock – a place where conflict, chaos, and miscalculations can jeopardize their future.

If perchance our adult children chooses to go on unfamiliar roads…we must daily remind ourselves that it’s totally out of our control. We didn’t cause it… it’s not our fault. We can’t change it, only God can. We can’t fix it, unless they want to.

Life gives a test and lessons are learned.

We pray that Jesus Christ Himself comforts and strengthens us in every good thing we say and do. God loved us and gave us His grace and comfort that has no end.

Stand strong and continue to believe the teachings that we gave them when they were with us. No parent is perfect. Our children make their own choices.

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