What’s Your Thorn?

A thorn is a SHARP spike that protrudes from the stem of a plant. Roses are famous for having the sharpest thorns.

Paul the Apostle speaks of a “thorn in the flesh” that he called a “messenger of Satan”. My thought about anyone or anything being a “messenger of Satan” is quite disturbing to me.

All of us can relate to having thorns in our sides. Those annoying situations that stir up strife and discord in the family, at work, in the community, and in our private lives.

When we are experiencing a ‘thorn in the flesh’ people must see the supernatural strength of God flowing through us. For when we are weak, God promises to make us strong.

No one enjoys living with a painful situation… but that same pain is what will bring about God’s purpose in our lives. We must choose to become purpose driven and not pain driven.

We all have many reasons why we feel that we should not have to live with a difficult situation…but the truth is…God is more concerned with building our character which unfortunately takes a lifetime. But every day with Jesus gets sweeter than the day before.

In my personal life I’ve had days, months, years… when I felt like running away from ‘sharp spikes’ in my side that were very persistent and painful. But the truth is, I cried to God to remove the sharp spikes, but instead He gave me overwhelming amount of grace and strength to live with the pain making me into the woman I’m today.

So I put on my game face, muster up my strength, pray until something happens, knowing fully well that His grace is sufficient, and my strength will continue to be increased making me into a woman of greater influence…and I will not think I’m better than anyone.

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