She Who Rocks The Cradle

Mothers have the overall greatest influence in their children’s lives. Children learn many things from their mothers.

The most successful, highly intelligent person in the world was once a little helpless baby cared for by his or her mother.

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. A mother’s love for her children goes above and beyond providing the basic necessities of life.

Mothers, we are prepping our children to become all that they can possibly be in a world that is quickly deteriorating in its values.

It’s our responsibility to teach our children survival skills in a world that is unkind, disloyal, selfish, hopelessly insensitive and cold.

We must teach our children what is morally right and fair in each and every situation. We teach them to show compassion to those who are less fortunate and to respect differences of opinions without taking it personal.

The most cherished memory of my Mom’s teaching was, teaching my siblings and I how to walk humbly with God.

My Mom was my role model and she made certain that she was the best role model for her children.

Here are a few of my thoughts:

● Can our children follow our examples and survive the chaos and confusion of our modern day society?

● Are we doing all we can to guard our children’s minds?

● Are we making certain that our children and grandkids are not exposed to pornography in our homes or wherever they go?

● Are we making sure their friends are not into crime, drinking and smoking, and reckless behavior?

A good family just doesn’t happen on it’s own. The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.

A family that prays together stays together even when there may be opposition on every side.

Reading the Bible together and letting our children lead in prayer is wisdom.

Establish a family altar where the kids know that Jesus Christ is the center of the home. He’s the silent listener to every conversation. He’s the unseen guest of every meal.

Invite your children’s friends over to your home.

Spend quality time with each family member. And finally, let gratitude be our ultimate goal.

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