What Takes Dreams Away

It is a sad reality that some people give up on their dreams simply because they weren’t discipline enough to go through the process.

There are many people who are gifted and talented but they quit too soon when the goings get tough.

Most of us began 2018 with great dreams and great aspirations. New Year’s resolutions were secretly made in our hearts and we had great faith that 2018 will be a fabulous year.

Goals were set and vows were made on December 31, 2017 in anticipation of a chance to do things right in 2018.

Sadly, we live in the age of ‘Now’ better known as the ‘Now Generation‘. If we can’t get our dreams happening now…then we walk away disappointed and heartbroken.

Excuses, excuses, excuses are the cliff that many people fall off on. According to the dictionary, an excuse is a reason or an explanation given to justify a fault.

Someone once said – “Excuses are lies we tell ourselves so that it doesn’t have to be our fault.”

Excuses are the easy way to talk yourself out of fulfilling your dream.

For dreamers to get to reach their destination… it’s important to keep in mind that the LORD upholds all who fall/fail, and He raises up all who are bowed down. Psalms 145:14

You may be down, but not out. You may be sitting in the dark now, but God is your light. God is on your side and He is going to get you out of this phase.

He will turn His light on you and show you the way out of your discouragement.

2018 has 365 days…today is Day #269.

There are 96 days remaining in 2018…no more excuses.

Start now and finish stronger than you did in 2017. Let’s make 2018 the year we pushed hard to finish strong.

4 thoughts on “What Takes Dreams Away

  1. Applying focus, persistence and perseverance coupled with the scripture verse “I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me” is necessary to reach our goals.
    Powerful thought!

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