Go Home and Love Your Family

The truth be told, “You don’t choose your family. You choose your friends.”

If anyone is fascinated with a true love story that will stand the test of time …we all have it at our fingertip …it’s called FAMILY.

Family is our greatest gift from God. God taught it was not good for man to be alone, so He created family where husbands, wives and children can learn to love each other.

Family members are like a box of assorted chocolates – nutty, solid, square, crunchy, and some are smooth and creamy and melt in your mouth. Regardless of what your preference maybe, the box never gets empty…it’s remains filled until death do us part.


■ Go home love your spouse.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, goes a long way. If we extend acts and kindness to our spouses like we do to others outside our home…our marriages will last a lifetime.

I become suspicious of a spouse who criticizes their partner but daily sends inspirational quotes like, “Good better, best. Never let it rest. Till your good is better and your better is best.”

If your spouse woke up every morning to your wonderful inspirational quotes, I’m certain the home will be warm and fuzzy.

A loved spouse is an investment for future generations. Teamwork makes the dream work.

■ Go home love your siblings.

There’s something very reassuring to know you have a sibling. My siblings and I are just like a year or two apart, and most definitely we have our differences….but we know we have each other’s back when the going gets tough.

It’s realistic to say that because we live in a dysfunctional world, perfect homes are not the norm…but we can all try to work along with each other to keep the relationships healthy.

No matter how much we disagree, we can still love and respect each other. Love covers our faults and our insecurities.

■ Go home love your parents.

Parents didn’t leave you when you were born, so don’t leave them when they are old. The things you take for granted, someone else right now is praying for. Don’t wait until you lose them then to realize the sacrifices they have made.

■ Go home love your family.

If you complain about the state of our country and the choices the young people make, go home right now and love your family.

Finally, let’s live with limited regret.

Funerals are a formal way to say goodbye to our loved ones…not a time to give a speech or read from a paper praising someone who has just died.

4 thoughts on “Go Home and Love Your Family

  1. Very powerful. The common denominator and consistent phrase in each of the segments is ‘Go Love’. The world will be a much better place if only we ‘go love’ more both in word and in deed.

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