I’m Interrupting Monday

Happy Monday!

Most people hate Mondays because it’s easy to hate things that other people hate. So maybe we can start a revolution by changing our negative views about Mondays.

Most people if not everyone enjoys having a clean page to write on. Mondays give us a new page to write on. It’s a start to a new week….It’s a great day to set new goals and form new habits so we can finish the week strong.

So forget the negative vibes we grew up believing about Mondays … and let’s take on this week like true Champions.

Tips for Mondays:

• Make a clean cut with any backbiting and unproductive chatter

• Be gentle with ourselves and those who we find it hard to get along with

• Forgive as quickly as we get offended. No overthinking!

• When we have an opportunity to do good, do good to all people even if they forget to say ‘Thanks’

• If we see our enemies hunger, buy them lunch. You will feel better about yourself

• Hate what is evil, love what is good

• We are allowed to do anything and everything, but it’s important to remember ….. all things are not profitable

• Trust in the LORD and do good

• Live well and enjoy life

• If we are always trying to do good, no one can really hurt us

• Bad company corrupts good manners


Stay with God

Don’t quit on yourself

Don’t take anything personally

You are the author to your life’s story.

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