We Can Rise Above the Madness

Sometimes, we ask ourselves, ‘Can things get any worse?’ The answer is, ‘Yes’!

Some seasons in our lives really knock the wind out of us.

Hopelessness interrupts our lives and becomes a constant companion like a house guest that never leaves.

There are seasons in our lives where the sun don’t shine and darkness is everywhere.

It’s feels like Winter. It’s cold, dark and lonely. We feel like there’s no way we are coming out of this season alive…at least not this time.

Whether you are an atheist or a bible believing Christian, or you belong to any other religion – God put in each one of us at the time of birth – a mustard seed of faith.

Every human being was born with a measure of faith…some folks use theirs everyday to get by in life, some folks quit without using their seed, and some look on and wonder how others do it.

The truth is, God knew way ahead of our Winter season that life will get gloomy and our mustard seed of faith will be need to be activated.

The seed gives us hope and that hope will not make us ashamed when we call on God.

What if I tell you that God doesn’t want us to get distracted by the circumstances we face?

Whatever we focus on, will either kill our mustard seed or fertilize it.

Can we sing our way through the Winter season? Yes!

When we turn our thoughts towards God, our circumstances may not change but something inside of us will change.

Hope returns when we turn our attention towards God.

In our current season, we can rise above the madness if we choose to focus on God’s promises. He is a way maker and a promise keeper.

There’s great strength and comfort when we use our mustard seed of faith.

Though things may look gloomy and hopeless now…when our mustard seed is activated we can do cartwheels of joy. We can take heart and gain strength.

6 thoughts on “We Can Rise Above the Madness

  1. Power packed. The promise we have is with faith as little as a mustard seed we can move mountains. I have never seen a small mountain, which means that big conquests can be made once there is faith.

    Good word!

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