Watch Out For Spills

While on vacation I noticed a sign on a trash can that caused me to chuckle. It read, ‘When I’m full, please don’t leave your trash with me. Please take it with you.’

So many times we allow others to dump their trash on us creating a spill over of negative behavior on an emotionally challenging day.

Have you ever made one comment to someone and it turned into an argument and you stood in your shoes and wonder?

Chances are their reaction to your comment had absolutely nothing to do with you… but the truth is … maybe, just maybe…they were spilling over from a lifetime of cluttered memories.

If we have unhealthy memories stored up…there’s a good chance of it spilling over if someone says or does something.

It’s really okay if you are emotionally full to the brim to protect your space. We all must become aware of our capacity to avoid a spillover.

In my life, I’ve said things to others that created a negative reaction, and others have said things to me that caused an overspill of negative emotions.

I guess, you’ve got to have skills to deal with spills….so we may need to shut it down before it spills over on an innocent bystander.

Don’t feel guilty for protecting your space and peace of mind. I’ve learnt over some time to walk away when conversations turn into personal battles.

There are some people who REFUSE to let some things go….and you will always be the target to their very toxic behavior.

If you feel drained time after time with someone…let them go.

Don’t feel guilty to protect your space.

When your heart is full…it’s okay to cancel an appointment, to change your mind from doing a pressing task, to take some time off to enjoy outdoors, to not answer your phone, to let go without going on a guilt trip, and to simply do nothing…like staying in your pjs.

Suggestion: Find your tribe…love them hard …invest in yourself…get new memories…surround yourself with people who have your back… and those who are cheering for you put their numbers on your speed dial.

It’s absolutely okay to put up your sign to all toxic relationships saying, ‘I am full, please don’t leave your trash with me. Take it with you.’

4 thoughts on “Watch Out For Spills

  1. Excellent protection mechanisms and recommendations. The scripture says “more than anything, you must guard and protect your mind, for life flows from it”.

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