Peace Cannot Be Purchased

We are imperfect humans beings living in an imperfect world with imperfect relationships.

Fights and arguments come from our own selfish desires. We want things but we do not have them so jealousy and strife burns up inside of us.

In an imperfect world with imperfect people:

● Relationships become contaminated and dysfunctional

● Trust is broken

● Confidence takes a plunge like the stock market on a bad day

● Family lives have been disintegrated and there’s a slim chance of recovery

● Family values are a thing of the past

● A son disrespects his father

● A daughter rises up against her mother

A daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law

● A man’s enemies are the members of his own household, this is actually a scripture verse found in the Bible.

Fights, jealousy, and arguments are more prevalent in most families more than we are willing to confess.

The times we live in, it appears that it’s no longer easy to fight and apologize… but it has become more acceptable to fight and flight.

Life teaches us some hard knock lessons and the fights and arguments do come fast and furious.

But there’s hope for relationships to bloom again even if it’s rotten to the core … with a sniff of love it can sprout again.

We have a loving Father who knows each and everyone by name. Our family history is engraved in the palm of His hands…and one of His greatest gift of inheritance is bringing PEACE to our troubled homes.

If we had all the wealth in the world at our disposal, we couldn’t buy PEACE. Peace can only come when we allow God to become the head of our homes. It’s saying “Yes” to God and not budging from that commitment.

When Satan stands to accuse us, the LORD strongly warns him – ‘Not this one Satan’. God can take away the chaos and confusion and give us a new rich robe of PEACE.

Finally, never lose hope because every new day amazing things happen. Stay strong. Keep faith. Stay positive.

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