Wisdom Calls

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.

To fear God means to have deep respect and reverence for God.

There’s a bible story where Pharoah had ordered the midwives to kill all the firstborn males at birth…but it says that the midwives feared God and did not kill the Hebrew babies.

They feared God not Pharaoh…important to note.

Fearing God is good because it keeps us from doing things that we may have second thoughts about.

It’s like having a ‘pause’ button that automatically pops up before we can click to accept or decline.

I find it easier trust a person who is god-fearing than a person who doesn’t have a fear of God.

A person who fears God is more than likely to keep their word and treat others kindly.

Stay with me as I slip over to something I’ve been thinking about:

How can someone say they love God and give God something that doesn’t cost them?

● We bring our offerings in coins or give the least valued dollar … and sincerely don’t care about it. We may even shrug off a comment made about it.

● We wear street wear to the House of God and without any remorse say that God is not concerned about how we dress.

● Are we guilty of offering God the lame, the blind and the sick offerings?

● Do we give God things that don’t cost us?

● Do we drop coins in the plate and arrange the paper notes carefully in our wallets?

Here are my thoughts:

If we sincerely believe that God is not concerned about our attire, or what we give…the next time we go to for an interview for that top managerial position put on your street wear.

The next time you are invited to your BFF’s wedding, take some coins and drop it in the box with your name on it.

Questions please:

● Do you think you will get that top position in that company with your street wear attire?

● What will your BFF think of your gift of coins?

● Should God accept this from our hands?

God has no pleasure in stolen, lame or sick sacrifices/offerings. God is a great King and His Name must be feared/respected among us.

Food for thought:

● Freely you have received, freely give.

● From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same….God’s name will be honored and respected. If not by human beings then the very rocks will do it.

● The FEAR/ RESPECT of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

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