Take Back Your Power

It can be painful to spend years trying to forget things that has happened in your childhood, or in your adult life … but you can take back your power.

If your first thought in the morning is creating anxiety…deflate it right away. You have to get to the place where your mood doesn’t determine your day.

● Declare today that whatever lies ahead of you that God is already there….move on without fear. Faith makes all things possible.

● Though you fall seven times, you will rise again. Staying down is not an option. Make them wonder how you’re still going.

● Stay strong and trust the process. Never underestimate yourself.

● The older you get is the more confident you should become. Attitudes are contagious so stay around people who inspire you to be the best you can be.

● You will never feel insecure if you have God as your partner. They didn’t leave you…God moved them.

● Don’t walk ahead of your best friends – ‘Surely Goodness and Mercy’…they are there to strengthen and show you your worth.

● No one can delete what God has already written over your lives. It’s stamped, sealed, and delivered. You are now the author.

● If we live to be approved and accepted by others, then there will many days we would not be motivated. You’ve got everything within you to succeed.

● Switch the game up and go out and light someone else’s candle….you will never lose. You are more powerful than you think.

Don’t let your mistakes keep you back from reaching your destination. You are resilient.

The evidence of a praying person can be heard by the lyrics of the song they are singing. Listen to the lyrics before you tap those dancing shoes.

We’ve been broken. We’ve cried. We’ve felt pain. We’ve watched fear in the eye. We’re resilient.

● Don’t quit because some jerk broke your heart. Keep going. To be the best you can, you’ve got to work overtime.

Finally, God will put us where He wants us to be …even if no one thinks we deserve it. Stay humble you are not here to impress anyone.

2018 is about to expire…it’s time to take back your power. Repeating hurts keep you in last year’s chains.

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