Unresolved Issues

I’ve learnt in life that it takes years and years and years to love and trust people …but once your heart gets broken…it’s difficult to trust again.

Someone once said, “There’s a reason why the rearview mirror is so small and the windscreen is so big, where you are headed is much more important than what you’ve left behind.”

Unresolved issues can drain all our energy, disturb our sleep, and can affect all areas of our lives.

Many times we live with unresolved issues for so long that we become comfortable with our discomfort because we are trying to maintain the status quo.

We make excuses if there’s an ‘Oops’ moment when our ‘marbles’ spill over from unresolved issues and it send us running and hiding behind our masks.

Unresolved issues poisons the mind of the one who is behind the mask and blinds them from seeing what everyone else is seeing.

Pain cannot be hidden.

It is reflected by the personal choices of the carrier, their words and their behavior. Pain cannot be hidden.

Unresolved issues leaves you feeling victimized time after time especially after encountering a perpetrator…It’s deadly and costly.

Unresolved issues draw the wrong attention from the wrong people creating toxic friendships.

Unresolved issues can be generational… passing on from one generation to another leaving unwanted footprints in the lives of many.

May our merciful Saviour Jesus Christ deliver each and every one of us from issues that were passed on from former generations that has tormented us and our offspring over the years.

We may not understand how things will work out, but we can trust God that He is working with our best interest at heart.

The secret to leaving our issues behind is giving them over to the Master Himself who is a healing God.

Jesus heals all kinds of issues. He said, “Don’t be afraid, only believe.” Mark 5:36

If we don’t take time to heal from our issues, we will bleed on the innocent lives around us.

Before we figured out we inherited unresolved issues, Jesus already had the solutions.

Where we are heading is much more important than what we left behind.

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