God and Good Parenting

Can we do anything that comes to our mind because we know that God will forgive us?

Do we knowingly commit an ungodly act because of God’s gift of grace?

God’s grace means that God remains good to us even though we don’t deserve it.

Hold a second….the Bible says,“God opposes the proud but shows grace to the humble.” 1 Peter 5:5

Sharing my thoughts:

● We love our children ✔ ● We remain good to them even if they don’t deserve it ✔

● But what about the pride vs humility aspect? God shows grace to the humble….the who? The humble. The humble receives God’s grace when we mess up.

I’m thinking aloud here :

● Would we as parents keep on extending grace to a child that deliberately goes against everything they know we stand for and believes that they still deserve certain privileges?

● Is it possible that we can weary the LORD with our open defiance and our spirit of entitlement?

● It’s pretty exhausting to listen to a rebellious child asking to be forgiven after they repeatedly go out and make bad choices.

● With God we cover the altar with tears after we trip up time after time with the same sin. Do we think that God will continue to extend His grace?

A dishonest person is a ‘turn off’ to any good healthy relationship.

Whether a person falls or prospers, it depends on their level of obedience to God’s laws.

A child also falls or prospers based on their level of obedience.

A good parent gets weary with meaningless words and empty promises without a change of heart.

When a child mess up…staying humble and remorseful is the real deal to receiving grace.

It’s simple – we cannot enjoy the sin and expect God’s grace to fix things we wouldn’t confess and turn away from.

It isn’t a fair deal if children enjoy going against life’s principles and expect our grace to fix things that they wouldn’t own up to and turn away from.

Grace does not cover sin we refuse to admit or acknowledge or disclose.

A parent’s grace should not cover the wrongs that children refuse to admit or acknowledge or disclose or take full responsibility or show a change of heart.

4 thoughts on “God and Good Parenting

  1. Very deep. Our love as parents for our children should mirror God (our father) love for us. The same holds true for what He abhors. Very very true.

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