The Man

This is a true reflection of my life’s journey. Hope you find it intriguing.

I know a man named JESUS that loves me beyond my wildest imagination. He boasts about me and I brag about him.

He has been my friend even before I accepted his friendship. He agreed to be my partner in life even before I said ‘Yes’.

I feel secured in our relationship because He has never been unfaithful to me in spite of my unfaithfulness. He forgives me when I have not been faithful and he doesn’t remind me of my unfaithfulness.

When I am not feeling well he watches over me. He comforts me in the early hours of the morning with his promises that he isn’t going anywhere. He stays with me until I’m fully back to sleep.

I wake up and his eyes are open watching me. He hugs me and reminds me that I can face whatever the day brings because my life is in his hands.

When I feel scared about my tomorrows, he reminds me that he has gone ahead of me and I don’t need to be afraid.

He shows me where to walk and whispers in my ears so no one knows that he is coaching me – definitely one of my favorite bonuses.

When my enemies speak ill of me, I can smile because he empowers me with insurmountable strength. He sits with me at the table so I look good.

If my heart is broken because of negativity all around me…he reminds me that he has already cancelled the impact. He draws me closer to his chest so I can feel safe and secured.

My flaws are ever before me but he looks beyond my flaws …sees his cross…sees the nails in his hands…and covers me. My name is engraved in the palms of his hands, and reminds me that I am the apple of his eye.

Good luck if anyone tries to persuade me to forget this man. My story reveals that I’m better off since he walked into my life than before I met him. So I remain loyal in my relationship with him.

This man named JESUS is with me to my end…when I die it may take you by surprise…but he knew my expiry date before my family and loved ones would have witnessed me taking my last breath.

My body will turn back in the same ground it came from. My spirit returns back to God, who first breathed into me.

There’s only one God and one mediator between God and us – JESUS.

Funerals can give us the most sobering moments of our lives.

Heaven isn’t for everyone. Hell isn’t funny.

God loved the world so much, he gave his son Jesus Christ to help make the world right.

Whoever believes in Jesus and decides to trust him is not judged.

But the person who doesn’t believe in Jesus is judged.

The meme below is just a little something to think about 👇

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