Forgiveness is Not A Feeling

If I carry painful memories and ugly thoughts from 2018 into 2019 – that will be a whopping 12 unproductive months.

The Bible says our lives are like vapor….we appear for a little while on earth and then vanish away (we die).

Which one of us have enough years to log around loads of worthless and meaningless junk knowing fully well that our lives are like vapor. Here today…gone tomorrow?

Our ‘hard drive’ (brain) can only hold so much before it crashes.

There are only 61 days remaining in 2018.

In my life I’ve wrestled with un-forgiveness and from time to time it resurfaces and sticks its ugly head out mocking me.

My pet peeves – I hate to be lied to and taken advantage of. I am vulnerable to these dysfunctions because I am a giver, and givers stand a risk to being taken advantage of and being lied to.

I used to feel that if I didn’t forgive people in my life that at least I still had some sort of control to remind myself of the wrongs that were done.

So my resistance towards forgiveness was for the wrong reasons. I felt I was holding people captive and I was not ready to release them. Huge mistake…but I became an active participant nonetheless.

I had my hurts set as an alarm clock that goes off every now and then… reminding me of the pain.

My Aha Moment:

I really don’t need to ‘feel’ like forgiving

Forgiveness is not a feeling

Forgiveness is a decision

I don’t need to worry that I don’t ‘feel’ like forgiving

Forgiveness is a decision that I must make on my own

If forgiveness was easy, everybody would be doing it

Forgiveness doesn’t excuse someone’s behavior… but I must be cautious that I don’t allow their behavior to disrupt my growth and happiness

Forgiveness means that I’ve made peace within myself

There comes a time for all of us to drop our emotional baggage and begin to enjoy our life without the baggage.

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