Each Day Has Its Own Trouble

Each day has enough trouble of its own…so do not worry about tomorrow.

Some mornings before we are fully awake, our brain gets going and the worry bags gets full even before our feet land on the floor.

It’s effortless to worry…but …being at peace takes a lot of effort because our human nature always seem to avoid the easiest road.

Dropping on our knees first thing in the morning takes discipline and consistency…the conversations are real. You have now left your worries in God’s hands.

The other option isn’t a brilliant one.

It’s the one where we lie in bed with our eyes wide open terrified of what the day holds…meanwhile the clock is ticking and nothing was solved.

But…God never forces His ways on anyone. We may think that everything we do is right, but remember that God judges our hearts.

In my moments of anxiety…I’ve learnt to sing in the kitchen, pray in the shower, sing and pray aloud behind the wheel, refresh my thoughts, and exercise my free will to talk to God anytime and anywhere.

I dare not even imagine living a day without God.

When my kids were small I invested a great deal of the time instilling in them the importance of including God in their daily routine.

It was important to me that my kids didn’t assume that their parents were their provider.

One day at a time is what God has suggested for us.

Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

God doesn’t say ‘Yes’ all the time. He doesn’t say ‘No’ all the time. He doesn’t say ‘Wait’ all the time. He simply says, ‘Trust ME!’

No prayer life + No trusting in God + No confidence in His promises = WORRY.

Praying keeps us humble before God ...anything else produces pride.

Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

2 thoughts on “Each Day Has Its Own Trouble

    1. To my sister, my true friend on my joyrney: May God give to you grace, peace and comfort in everything you put your hands to do. Thanks for staying with me every day 🙏🏾


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