The Enormous Suitcase

Our experiences in life have taught us so much about our strengths, weaknesses, integrity, and values. If it was possible to fit our experiences into one suitcase it will take one enormous suitcase to pack them all in.

I appreciate weight restrictions when traveling because it forces me to be selective on the things I pack into my suitcases, otherwise I will be packing lots more stuff than is necessary.

We maybe surprised at how many of us carry emotional baggage today from our past.

Everyone has a past, but carrying fears, phobias and unresolved issues can weigh us down and keep us in a depressed state.

Before we pack our enormous suitcase … it’s important to confirm what we will be taking into 2019.

There are definitely some weighty issues that must be left behind in order to stay within our limits.

Bad things happen to everyone, so get over it and stop throwing pity parties. Deal with it once and for all and move on. It’s dead weight.

There are 57 days before we travel into a new year – 2019. It’s time to start packing our enormous suitcase.

Are we carrying hurts from one relationship to the other?

Do we have the script on how we would deal with those nuisances that keeps stumping our growth year after year?

Have we consider the cost of our actions or lack thereof?

Who are our team players?

What plans are in place when we come face to face with generational curses?

Do we have enough credit on life to make mistakes?

How are we going to handle our fragile life if things don’t work out as planned?

We just cannot travel the same way as we did when we were young and carefree. Age should bring reason.

Seasons come and seasons go…so it’s wisdom to know the season we are in.

The years ahead are always less than what’s behind.

We cannot take everything and everyone from our past into 2019. We must free ourselves to learn and move on.

If it doesn’t add to our life, it’s time to leave it behind. We are all under a weight restriction.

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