You Don’t Have To Compromise To Be Recognized

There are many things I love about God and most days I write about our amazing relationship.

I’m eternally grateful that I was predestined (God had a purpose and it was determined before I was born) to experience His love.

God wants to give us:

● wisdom



God has a personalized plan for each one of us.

But there are all kinds of hindrances and side shows which we must overcome to fulfill the original plan.

The desire of the flesh is definitely a showstopper in obtaining the original plan of God:

● greed

● covetousness

● jealousy

● pride

● envy

● hatred

● strife

And to add to this list is, the urge to compromise the truth for the sake of getting along with people who can only get along when we agree.

Society is flooded with formulas for a successful life. Some people’s sole focus on life is to get rich or die trying to get rich.

Some folks get caught up with motivational speakers whose only aim behind the scenes is to facilitate themselves to get to the top.

Then there are some folks who come to you disguised as friends but who are insincere and disloyal in their actions.

How can we stay in touch with our own limitations and how to avoid the traps that does so easily trip us up?

● Ask yourselves what you would like someone to do to you ..then grab a hold of it and do it.

● Don’t be impressed with charisma but look for character. You will know people by their actions and consistent behavior.

● A good tree cannot bear bad fruits, nor a bad tree bear good fruit.

● A deceptive and dishonest spirit has a way to boomerang.

● A crowd doesn’t mean it’s the right way to go.

Finding God will take us to all that we will ever need in life.

He gives us our daily portion before we were even aware of our daily needs.

No thief can break in and steal what God has predestined for you…no one can steal your identity.

The way to God requires our full attention…so avoid the sideshow …the mockers, the scorners, the doubters, and the scoffers.

Knowing about God is totally different from knowing God….it comes down to relationship and not just an acquaintance.

We will miss the boat if all we did was to quote scripture and give soundbites of pious talk.

We don’t have to compromise to be recognized.

If we don’t work God’s Word into our daily lives, when the hard times roll in, we will collapse like a stack of cards.

The Word of God is still very relevant in today’s world, and it’s a guide to obtaining wisdom, confidence and boldness.

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