It’s Not A Competition

None of us has the power to control everything that happens to us. One thing we know for sure is that God is always in control of the outcome when we place our confidence in Him.

Mothers, being resilient is not optional…it’s mandatory.

It takes a whole lot of patience, loving yourself, and accepting that life has its ups and downs, and there’s nothing you can do about it…so go ahead, own your story, and remind yourself that you’re still a work in progress.

My weakness … I am a Mama Bear. My children are my world and even though they are grown…in my heart I still want them to be my babies. So I go between wanting them to be my babies and setting them free to discover their world.

You may have observed that my writings are inspirational. I enjoy bringing hope and encouraging others.

If I’ve walked the path, I’m going to write about it. If I’m learning, I’m going to write about it.

Every good mother thinks about her children day and night. She knows that each child is unique, have different strengths and abilities…but she loves all her children deeply.

Note well: Nothing gets past the devil’s eyes. He is merciless … but God is merciful. When we don’t know what to do, God knows what to do.

We all have felt sometime that we will not survive an unpleasant episode in our family …but somehow we did…so it had to be GOD.

God will never allow anything to get past His attention that will destroy our confidence in Him. It’s FAITH in God’s promises that keeps us going.

We must challenge ourselves to look up and say, “God, make every thing that the devil meant for bad greatest testimony. I am in this for the win.”

Our faith in God tells us that we don’t know how we are getting from here to over there… but we are guaranteed that God knows.

● We must learn to roll with the punches.

We cannot help a child if we are depleted and emotionally challenged…so rest when necessary.

Great reminder – no one is perfect …so give yourself permission to learn from your mistakes.

Focus on happy moments, and find joy in doing something for yourself.

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