Help I Am A Mom

Dear Mom,

Please do not define yourself by the mistakes you have made. You can always push past today, and watch things fall right into place tomorrow.

Some days you may feel like you want to curl up and cry about everything…but a bad day doesn’t mean that you are a bad mom.

Parenting gets tough and we mess up more than we would like to confess. We have yelled at our kids while having a meltdown ourselves. Remind yourself that everyone may simply need a nap.

Concentrate on doing your best and don’t become over zealous because you will burn out and quit.

Each family has their our own unique story and miracles waiting to happen. The kids do grow up and have kids of their own. Then your grandkids miraculously turn into your dream kids.

Our shortcomings, our failures, our wordless sighs, our aching groans are all part of a greater story. You are not super human although you would like to believe that you are.

Moms, you are awesomely cute and funny…take time to smile about the chocolate you ate while helping your kid look for it.

Like all moms everywhere, nothing is better than hearing your kids say “I love you” first thing in the morning. If they don’t say it, then you tell them.

In closing, whether you are working or you stay at home or do both…you are a superhero.

Hugs and love,

Amazing Grace

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