The Lion

Not for one moment should we ever assume the people we admire because of their success stories didn’t face the same challenges like everybody else.

Some people write only about their victories, while others only write about their struggles. Both are not realistic. It doesn’t reveal an accurate view of life.

As perfect as a family or a relationship may look, they all have their equal share of drama, suspense and horror stories like the rest of the villagers.

No one is inferior or superior in the human race. Everyone is fighting anxiety and fear bought on by living in a dysfunctional world. We are all prone to sadness and sorrow and drama and suspense and horror stories.

The Social Media world has created a hashtag #relationshipgoals…for high profile relationships of people they follow.

Regrettably a great percentage of these seemingly perfect high profile relationships ends with very public nasty breakups because the truth is…they faced the same demons like the folks who aspire to be like them.

Now allow me to share what my thoughts of life are:

We live in a very gullible society where the writers of articles show us the glamorous views of people’s lifestyles eliminating their sadness, depression, guilt and trauma in their lives.

And sadly, people mimic what they read and crave for an unknowingly false perception of life.

Growing up we idolize people while underestimating our own worth along with those who have struggled to positively invest into our lives.

We listen to other people’s stories as they selectively share their greatest or worst chapters. Both are false perceptions…because they are carefully chosen to deceive the listeners.

In this African quote “Until the LION learns to write, every story will glorify the hunter” … had me thinking about it all weekend.

The stories we read or listen to…become the hunters. The hunters understand the game of catching their audience’s attention.

Perception is NOT always reality.

● Who then is the LION? You and I.

Unless we learn how to read … and write our own story we will miss out on some of our most valuable experiences (good and bad) for the next generation to learn from. If we don’t tell them, how would they learn to appreciate and value our history.

We all have great potential as LIONS.

Drew Barrymore says, “In the end, some of your greatest PAINS become your greatest strength.”

Unless we learn how to write, we will continue to crave #relationshipgoals…that are often fake.

Something to think about:

Any relationship without God as the third person will not withstand life’s obstacles…regardless of how perfect it may appear. And if it’s imperfect…Father help us!

Forget what you see on TV, what you hear from others in your circles of friendships and what you see on Social Media. Without God life doesn’t make much sense.

With a spouse you can face the worst together … but having God as the head of your home …it’s more difficult to split when circumstances shake your foundation.

That is the true meaning of the hashtag #relationshipgoal. There’s a LION personality (strength and courage) within each of us.

7 thoughts on “The Lion

  1. I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me.
    🎼🎶🎵Without HIM, I can do nothing. 🎼🎶🎵Without HIM, i’ll surely fail. 🎼🎶🎵Without HIM, I will be drifting, like a ship without a sail.🎼🎶🎵

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