Will God Find FAITH?

For we are confident, very confident that God hears our prayers…but the doubt/unbelief comes when the answer we have been waiting for takes like forever to become a reality.

The longer we wait for the answer, is the harder it becomes to wait on God.

Most of us hate waiting for anything or anyone #period…and it gets ten times worse if we don’t know why we are waiting.

● We order something online and the day for delivery nothing shows up at our door. We call the phone number and no one answers…our anxiety level just went up ten nudges. But the truth be told – our parcel is guaranteed to arrive….so we wait for it. Maybe not today but it most definitely will arrive.

We arrange to meet someone for dinner and two hours has gone and it’s a no show…and we cannot reach them on the phone. Our frustration has skyrocketed and we leave in disappointment…only to find out the traffic was heavy and they got caught in the traffic, and their phone battery died. How awful do we feel after knowing it was outside of anyone’s control.

Many times we don’t understand why God appears to be silent…but there are a few unchangeable facts about God –

He is not a man

He will not lie

God is not a human being

He does not change His mind

What He says He will do, He does

What He promises, He keeps

When He bless, no one can get Him to change His mind

Do I become discouraged while waiting on God to answer? Most definitely!

Do I trip up and collapse under the strain and stress of not knowing how things will work out? Without a doubt.

Do I get impatient while waiting on God to answer? Unquestionably.

Do I feel like quitting? Definitely an understatement.

So what keeps me going to the throne room of God bringing my request to Him?

I’ve got two answers to this question:

Reason #1 God’s people cry to Him day and night. Keep doing the things that keep you in perfect peace – praying does just that.

God will always give us what is right. God will see to it that we get justice.

Will God find FAITH alive on the earth?

The things we haven’t seen yet requires FAITH. God’s currency is FAITH. Keep FAITH ALIVE!

Reason #2

That no one will become too proud of all that God has done for us. His blessings are NEW EVERY morning…so stay humble. That’s a whole lot of blessings every year. The delay is allowed by God to keep us from becoming proud.

We can beg God to take away the pain but instead He would say to us that His grace is enough for the waiting period. God gives us our daily supply of grace to make it through today…not tomorrow…TODAY.

So, I’m very happy to brag about my waiting period. Because when I am weak, God injects me with His strength to go on with or without the evidence of the answer.

The End.


Amazing Grace

4 thoughts on “Will God Find FAITH?

  1. The scripture says “be anxious for nothing but in everything, by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus”
    Definitely easier said than done, but it is His word and we stand by it.
    Excellent thoughts.

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