When God Doesn’t Make Sense? πŸ€”

From time to time things feels out of control creating a tsunami of fear and uncertainties.

Warning: Stop trusting other people to save you. Do not believe for one moment that people have everything you need. Our friends are mere humans like us, and they too are lost in their own lives fighting battles that you and I don’t know.

People need JESUS … NOT other human beings.

Many times life doesn’t always make sense as there’s trouble on every side. We often don’t know what to do…and when our foundation shakes and everything around us begins to make loud noises…it can get scary.

The negative thoughts come fast and furious. Satan is a mastermind at bringing on a spirit of fear and instability.

The truth is, God never promised any of us a life free of pain, but He did promise us strength for TODAY.

So…it’s NOT God who doesn’t make sense, it’s us who don’t make sense because God never promised us a life free of pain. He promised us strength for each day.

We can trust the process.

James 5:13-18 says:

● Are you having troubles? You should PRAY! Not ask others for help. Praying works and the good thing is, it stays between you and God.

● Are you sick? Ask the elders of the church to pray for you and the prayer of faith will heal you.

● Anyone who lives the way God wants can pray, and great things will happen. Great things happen when we do things God’s way.

We can be guaranteed that if God brings a situation before us, He knows that there’s purpose in it for you and I.

Finally, when you think that God doesn’t make sense and nothing makes sense – God simply says, “Trust ME!”

We can rely on God’s promises more than our feelings.

Our feelings change but God’s promises are written in a heavenly contract and we can hold Him to it.

5 thoughts on “When God Doesn’t Make Sense? πŸ€”

  1. Awesome, powerful words! This sets everything in proper perspective. Thank you for your daily insights! Blessings! πŸ’ž πŸ’ πŸ’ž πŸ’–

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