Real Life Home Situations

We all have some real life drama in our homes. Once satan opposes God, the dramas will be ongoing.

No one escapes it including those who live in real life castles and mansions.

There once was a rich young Prince who had a daughter that died. Death symbolizes the end of a person’s life. The death of a child is excruciatingly painful.

Death is no respecter of money or class. This rich Prince had reached his wits end when he realised that his money couldn’t keep his daughter alive.

The bible says that he came to Jesus with great humility and invited Jesus to his house to pray for his dead child.

What faith? It’s possible that the young Prince didn’t even fully understand his request but I’m guessing he had to try one final thing. After all, money isn’t the answer to everything.

The Prince needed a miracle in his daughter’s current situation. He was not taking death as the final solution after hearing about Jesus miracles.

On his way back home with Jesus – the unimaginable thing happened. Jesus is stopped by a woman with her own issue.

Jesus turns around, sees the woman and speaks into her situation unbothered by the crucial timing of his home visit with the Prince whose daughter is lying dead at home.

Maybe God perceived that the Prince needed to witness a miracle happening right before his eyes.

Do you think this was by chance that they met a woman with an issue desperately wanting to be healed? I don’t think so.

Sometimes as humans we need to see God working in other people’s lives before we believe He can do it for us.

The woman with the issue touches Jesus hem and immediately received her healing. The Prince must have been in awe of what he just witnessed.

Jesus calmly continues on with the rich prince. On reaching to the Prince’s house there was a noisy crowd crying, the paid mourners…which signifies hope has left the house. Death has occurred.

How many situations in our own home that life has gone out? There are paid mourners looking on and creating a disturbance as the smell of death is lingering in our home.

Death disrupts our lives and it’s more painful when it’s a young child.

There are many situations in our homes that no amount of money can bring back to life.

Only Jesus being personally invited into our homes can call dead things back to life.

But what if Jesus makes a stop on His way to our home? Any further delay could make an already bad situation ten times worse right?

But Jesus loves things that are called impossible. A delay is not a denial.

A delay is a setup so that the unbelievers are convinced that God can call those things which are not as though they were.

God loves to take our impossiblities and turn them into possibilities.

What if the issues in our home were allowed by God so the hired mourners can see God at work?

No amount of delays or setbacks can affect God’s ability to restore life into a dead situation.

The child was already dead, the hired mourners were in full grief. The father’s faith was entering into a dead situation…but Jesus was coming with him.

Jesus gets into the room, puts the hired mourners out and boldly announces that the girl isn’t dead but asleep.

There are issues in our homes that are not dead but asleep.

The crowd at the home ridiculed and laughed at Jesus remarks. There are people who would laugh you to scorn if you tell them that your issues are not dead but asleep.

Jesus puts the crowd outside. Went in and took the girl by her hand, and she stood up. The report went through the whole town.

I believe with all my heart that there’s a huge difference between dead and asleep.

God is looking for one person to invite Him into their home to perform a miracle right before the hired mourners’s eyes.

The issue that looks dead is asleep.

Dead means the end of life. Asleep means not attentive or alert, desensitized, senseless and numbed.

The report will go out through the whole city that our issues with a child or friend or spouse were not unto death but just asleep.

Jesus will be glorified.

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