You Weren’t Meant To Carry The Load

A lot of things that weigh us down weren’t meant for us to carry. I came across the diagram below showing us a simple guide to what are our responsibilities and what are NOT our responsibilities.

It’s so easy to habitually pack stress into our lives while adding to the excessive weight…other people’s opinions, our mistakes, guilt, and hurts.

Satan enjoys disturbing our relationship with God by injecting fear. Fear cripples us making it extremely difficult for us to trust God. And when we don’t trust God stress takes over.

There are some things in my life that I should not have peace about … but I’ve chosen to talk to God about it and to trust Him….and it really works.

When our hearts are troubled it affects our prayer life and that’s exactly the dilemma that Satan wants us to be in.

Circumstances that look impossible should not change our mind about God…but they do.

The truth is when we spend time with God, He shows us how to take a real rest away from the dangerous traps of stress.

For we know that in every situation (good and bad) our choice weapon of mass destruction should be PRAYER.

You want to know why PRAYER works?

Because it’s the only thing that we find it most difficult to do.

We can talk to people about our problems … but find it very difficult to talk to God about it. It’s a dangerous situation to find oneself in.

Anxiety leads to depression and depression leads to believing that prayer doesn’t work.

If you believe that prayer is ineffective then our stress levels will never be reduced…it can lead to alarming results.

Prayer dismantles giants and displaces fear.

For we know that EVERYTHING (the good, the bad, and the INDIFFERENT) work TOGETHER for GOOD.

Every scar becomes a star. Every thorn becomes a crown. Every mess becomes a message.

A wise person learns more about God’s power when they are silently waiting on God…than a fool can learn while he’s talking to others.

It’s called discipline.

You are not a victim of your circumstances. You can be a survivor of your circumstances.

It doesn’t always rain. Seasons come and seasons go. Everything we go through has a season to it.

Fear says it’s over. Faith says try me one more time.

6 thoughts on “You Weren’t Meant To Carry The Load

    1. Thank you my friend for being open minded to my blog. I write out of my personal experience and I’m happy it’s helping someone else.

      Please be assured that we are all on the journey together. No one really makes it alone. We will do this with God. Stay blessed .

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