Who’s Holding Up Your Arms?

Exodus 17:11-12 is a fascinating account of Moses, Aaron and Hur. The Israelites went to war and as long as Moses held up the staff in his hands they were winning. But when his hands grew tired, the enemies were winning.

So when Moses grew tired, his friends put a stone under him so he could sit, and Aaron and Hur held his hands up – one on each side…so his hands remained steady until sunset.

The question is, “Who is holding up your hands?”

‘Thanks for holding up my hands’ was something I said to a very dear friend of mines on the phone. That day I received some very disturbing news that caused my heart to break into a million pieces. I would usually go into my time alone with God in times like this…but this time the devil had swung at me from a blind side and he paralyzed me with the blow.

This time I just couldn’t get past the pain of my broken heart...I needed someone to hold up my hands.

When life gets you down and you can’t see God in the storm…you need that one person who would drop everything they are doing to hold your hands up.

When you choose your friends, choose those who have a prayer life, someone who will give you sound advice, someone who wouldn’t allow you to question your faith, and who will end the call leaving a song in your heart.

A valley experience is when you feel alone whether physically or mentally. It’s a very difficult time and extremely hard to work your way through. It’s not a comfortable place to be because you feel numb and extremely fragile.

That’s when you need a true friend to hold up your hands. I thank God for this one friend who knows how to throw that lifeline out to me to get back into the fight.

It’s normal to feel discouraged, but it’s unwise to stay that way.

Your ability to get back into the ring… depends on your willingness and courage. A prayer a day keeps you fighting in the frontlines.

Just like GOD – while I’m writing this blog, I received a phone call from one of my daughters reminding me that she’s got me and she’s praying without ceasing.

This was followed by one of my sisters who made me laugh so loud that it cleared my mind…and the more I laughed, it’s the more she kept going.

Then I received text messages from another daughter who took a break from her board meeting to share with me that she too have been praying along with her friends.

Who’s holding up your hands?

Good friends are hard to find, so appreciate the ones that take the time to hold your hands up.

Everytime Moses hands were lifted, they were winning.

4 thoughts on “Who’s Holding Up Your Arms?

  1. I completely agree with you. I ones have to learn the hard way until I was brought to the church where I found my happiest place, with people whom encouraged me with the right words I wanted to hear.

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