The Audacity Of Believing God

The meaning of AUDACITY is the courage or confidence of a kind that other people find shocking.

We are living in the times when people will appear to be godly but will quickly deny the power of God.

Don’t let it faze you. Every scripture was God-inspired and is useful one way or another…so we stand in the audacity of believing God.

To believe that God is always 100% going to come through in the midst of fierce opposition requires a bold and fearless approach in believing that when the LORD speaks, no one can go against it.

If the darkness covers over everything that you dare to believe in…if your thoughts turn into nightmares…if sleep evades you and you spend your time watching scary movies on repeat…if you feel the urge to quit…

Listen carefully…believing in God will definitely be worth the fight.



God is not human, He does not lie nor does He change His mind

He doesn’t speak and not do what He says

He doesn’t promise and not come through

He doesn’t bless and then changes His mind

There’s something miraculous about believing God that makes life interesting…

Evil people run even though no one is chasing them

Honest people are relaxed and confident, and bold as lions

The LORD doesn’t save us using weapons. The LORD owns the war

Our strength comes from God

God says, “Stop fighting and know that I am God”

We wouldn’t be afraid when the world falls apart. He is our safety net.

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