Generation XYZ

There are family curses that are passed on from one generation to another that wrecks our lives and those around us.

Curses, traits and beliefs can go as far back to the first generation and if it is not challenged…it can continue on to many generations after us.

C. S. Lewis said, “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

In my adult life I’ve had to challenge some inherited negative mindsets, health issues and beliefs…so I can change the endings for me and my generations to follow.

I kid you not…it was a whole lot of determination on my behalf to get me to who I am today. I had to do lots of self searching and inner healing to demolish walls that kept me insecure and hidden away.

And I am still a work in progress.

Can I tell you one truth? Your daddy’s demons don’t have to possess you? Your Mama’s experiences don’t have to be repeated.

Anything we are struggling with ….it’s our responsibility to take action. We can’t go back and change the beginning.

It’s easy to make excuses for stuff that the previous generations battled with and choose to align ourselves with it instead of taking ownership and dealing with it.

Family histories have all types of dysfunctions…choosing to live with those dysfunctions come down to an individual’s choice.

My daddy could have been an alcoholic…but I have the ability to make my own choices. My mama could have been homeless but I have to be determined to change my story.

If Jesus sets us free, then we are free indeed from every kind of abnormality, emotional pain, behaviorally patterns, or relationship dysfunctions.

Jesus took every thing we dare to bring to Him…to the Cross and He nailed it.

Jesus took our pains, our scars, our flaws, our ugliness, and all the things wrong with us to the Cross once and for all. He said, “IT IS FINISHED.”

Now, it’s our choice to walk in freedom.

Certainly we can get lost, we can wander off, and we can be guilty of doing our own thing from time to time ….but Jesus took all those things we’ve done and will ever do …and He nailed it to the Cross. There’s continued healing available.

■ Our shame will one day make us famous

■ Our pain has purpose

■ Our past will be a blast

■ Our stagger will create chatter.

2019 is untouched. It’s time to claim some new generational blessings for ourselves and our families in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.

Nothing will happen out of wishful thinking or osmosis?

You can write it, shout it, dream it, think about it…nothing will change unless you PRAY about it.

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