It’s Time To Fight For Our Families

No one can change who they are related to by blood. God in all His wisdom strategically selected every member of our family. The functional ones and the dysfunctional ones.

Our families are under great threat because of the ever changing negative behavior of the society we live in. It’s a godless society.

The destructive thinking has created open rebellion in our homes against the things of God and His Word.

Our family’s values, beliefs, trust, respect, teamwork, goals, dreams and accountability have taken a devastating loss over the years and our homes have been shattered….some to the extent of total destruction. The walls have collapsed.

Families must get ready to go to war. The battle for the wounded ones must become our greatest priority.

No one must be left behind. God is searching for the disenchanted and bringing back those who have lost direction.

God is ready to nurse the injured, and strengthen the weak.

Who’s fighting for our children? Who is fighting for the next generation? God is ready to step in and make things right. He’s looking for one family member to say, ‘Yes Lord, I’m ready to fight for my seed.’

Our struggles are real. There’s a sound of war and our families are worth fighting for. We must be prepared to go to battle.

The devil will just love to see our families torn apart. If he can scatter the family then he wins.

But with God as the Head of our home, the Silent listener to our every conversation…we can recover all and take back our spoils.

God never gives us more than Jesus can handle….not us…but Jesus can handle. That’s why our relationship with God should take top priority.

Even when we don’t have one shred of evidence how Jesus will do it….we must trust that He can accurately interpret our wordless sighs and our painful groans. It ain’t over until God says so.

Every detail of our family’s history is being carefully crafted into a powerful sermon.

Don’t lose heart.

It doesn’t matter what it looks like now…it’s all about the ending. Every storm runs out of rain, and every dark night turns into day.

We must learn to trust God’s timing. Hold on pain ends.

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