It Wouldn’t Be Always This Way

A trigger is anything that sets us off emotionally and it can happen when we least expect it.

Certain people and things are triggers to pain that we have buried in our hearts.

Some of us love to believe that we are stronger than we think we are. The truth is regardless of how strong we have been in certain situations ….we all have a breaking point.

Sometimes one insensitive comment or action from a trusted person can trigger painful memories and open a floodgate of tangled emotions.

I’ve convinced myself that life is not a competition to see who can stay strong the longest.

I’ve given myself permission for a limited time only Not to be okay all the time, not to feel guilty to cancel plans, to cry if I feel hurt, to simply say ‘no’ without looking for an excuse.

It’s okay not to be okay because some days are really harder than others.

Someone said, “Triggers are unresolved feelings causing us to overreact.”

Anything we hide surfaces when we least expect it and can cause an overreaction to a situation. I’ve been hurt by people overreacting and I have caused hurt to others by my overreaction.

With 27 days left before the New Year 2019 steps in – let’s make a decision to remove the masks that covered decades of buried emotions.

Refusal to leave the baggage behind will leave doors open for ongoing trigger episodes.

Meanwhile, others are depending on our survival skills.

● Write a letter to yourself. It’s a great way to let our emotions out. Out of our head on to the paper. Burn it or shred it…but it ends there.

● Reality check – no one is sitting around thinking about what they did to us….so accept it and move on. Revenge takes two lives…don’t be silly.

If your heart is broken, you will find God right there waiting to hear all about it. He can be trusted and He has no time restrictions – 1000 years are like one day.

People who try to do what’s right may have many reasons to quit but the LORD promises to hold our hands until we are strong enough.

Take an advil.

Sleep it off.

Make a decision to let it go.

Refuse to be a prisoner of your past.

Your future looks good.

The most fascinating part of your life’s story will be your comeback chapter.

Time waits on no one…so take a deep breath and start over again.

2019 will soon be here!!

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