2019 Is The Year of TRUST

Welcome to 2019! Ready or not, our assignments to write 12 new chapters in 365 days have been handed out to us. The scary part is ….many of the 12 chapters will NOT have a title until we get to the end of the year, so we must have confidence in ourselves.

It’s DAY #7 of 2019 and the clock does not stop.

The hype on January 1st every year can be pretty overwhelming as the greetings, phone calls, social media and ads flood the air waves.

Someone has said and I have agreed – ‘Only the calendar has changed … everything else in our lives remains the same.’

It may be kind of cool if our debts, our fears, our problems, and our distractions of last year were wiped clean and left behind…then that will be worth the new year’s hype.

If you didn’t feel motivated on January 1st all is not lost. If you woke up today (January 7th) inspired to do something positively different than you did yesterday…then Happy New Year to you.

Here’s a secret about me – I hate clutter, I hate shopping in clearance stores, I avoid crowds, I hate anything that lacks structure, I deliberately avoid people who don’t take responsibility for their actions….and those who feed off of gossip and hate.

I’m working on exercising more self-restraint since they are the trigger points that leads to my unhappiness. Next year on January 1st I can smile when you wish me a happy new year…because I would have put in the work to become a better ME.😊

A new year is another chance to get things right. A new year is a continuation of where we left off last year with the wisdom of the lessons learned.

What will 2019 reveal about me that I didn’t know before? It’s a very interesting thought.

I have 365 opportunities to win the battles I’ve been praying about. I must be purpose driven to know if I’m winning and write about them even if the titles are missing. It will all come together one day.

The fact that God allowed me to see a new year means that He believes in me ….and He believes that I can run my race and finish strong.

God will never breathe into a human being without having a master plan in mind.

The challenges you face and the curve balls that life throws at you, will get you to your destiny. Don’t hate the process…it is YOU VS YOU. Just make sure YOU win!

As previous years there will be chapters where we will have to write about our victories and our defeats, they come as a combo…you cannot have one without the other…the very stuff we hate is what God will use to transform our lives…not others.

The next twelve months is going to be interested. Is either we walk with God and allow God to daily strengthen us …or we choose to be depressed and saddened by our losses and mishaps and carry them into another year.

Even when things go ridiculously wrong …it can lead to our destiny.

We can trust God even if we don’t fully understand or agree with the process.

May God increase our expectations in Him where darkness turns into noontime because our confidence is in Christ alone.

God always reveal to us what we don’t understand if we remain patient. To be among the living is a priceless opportunity to get things right.

Regardless of the circumstances…let’s trust God more in 2019.

2 thoughts on “2019 Is The Year of TRUST

  1. Junie! Welcome back! You were missed. So happy to have your blog again with words of encouragement and exhortation! Be blessed in 2019, as you continue to scatter what is entrusted to you. 👭💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks my sister/friend. I mistakenly published before my start up date (January 7th and before I was done editing) . I appreciate you looking beyond my mistake and cheering me on. I have since edited my post. Love you 🙏🏽


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