Understanding The Seasons of Life

In both happy and difficult times God is with us. When you are happy, enjoy it. When you are sad, know it will soon pass.

Yes, we take great pride in the happy times more than we appreciate the difficult times but it’s important to note that neither will last forever. Seasons come and seasons go.

Whatever season you maybe in, know that nothing is permanent.

There’s so much wisdom to gain to gain in every season.

There are 12 months in the year and 4 different seasons. Every season lasts for approximately 3 months. Sometimes the most difficult season which is usually Winter stays with us a little longer…but note well… it does come to an end.

Winter season is cold. The temperature drops quickly and it’s a bit intense. The days get shorter and by early evening it dark and gloomy. It snows when you least expect it. Trees and plants show no evidence that they are alive.

Let’s apply the seasons to our real life experiences.


Be reminded that Winter will come to an end.

You will be sorrowful but your sorrow will turn into joy. A woman gives birth to a child, but when she gives birth, she no longer remembers the pain because her child is born.

Character and Endurance are proof that you didn’t cave in under the weight of the storm.

Spring follows Winter and it comes before Summer…smack in the middle of a difficult season and an exciting season. Trees and plants that lost their leaves during Winter begins to grow and blossom again. What looked dead during Winter shows life during Spring.

The temperature begins to warm up and the days gets longer. It rains a lot in Spring which allows nature to put on a show all by itself revealing splendour and elegance of the once lifeless trees and plants.

Spring marks the end of a bad Winter.


It’s a time to laugh again, it’s time to heal, time to dance, and time to give birth to new things.

God changes seasons and times. He gives wisdom to the wise, and knowledge to those who have understanding of the seasons in life.

We will be restored to our original beauty with greater possibility for higher heights. You will bloom again!

Summer is the hottest of all the months. It comes after Spring and before Autumn. The days are long and the nights are short. It’s the most loved season of the 12 months. It’s perfect weather for vacations, swimming and barbecues.

The parks and streets are filled with people enjoying this long awaited season. You hear the laughter of children, and family reunions bring back happy memories.

Summer is all about weddings, picnics, meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones, music, laughter and an overload of pure happiness.


In Summer we will be like trees that are firmly planted by the rivers. Our joys will return.

Whatever we do will succeed. God charts our ways and we will be productive in all our endeavors.

The LORD approves the way of those who serve Him. Our best days are now. Enjoy the moment.

Autumn also known as Fall is where the daylight gets shorter and temperatures cool down. The leaves change their colors and starts to fall off the trees. Thanksgiving, harvesting crops and Halloween all happen during Autumn months.


In our Autumn season let’s get our testimonies of God’s faithfulness ready to share with others. Bring out the hot chocolate and gather the family together to share how God safely bought us through the different seasons.

If we don’t teach the kids about the faithfulness of God in all seasons…they will become disenchanted adults.

To everything there is a season….and life repeats itself during the seasons.

Don’t lose heart my friends…it’s just the changing of seasons.

When things get tough, God undergirds us with strength.

Lesson learned “Don’t quit or lose heart in the season you are in.” God answers prayers in every season…and seasons don’t last forever.

Even when the season may be long and gloomy …God is making a way when our backs are against the walls.

We don’t know how… but we know He did it before and He will do it again season after season.

Our prayers are climate friendly. They work in all seasons.

God never stops working in our seasons of distress and grief even when we don’t get the answer we’re looking for – He is unchanging.

2 thoughts on “Understanding The Seasons of Life

  1. Praise GOD for each season and knowing that HE is right there alongside us through every season. HE knows the way that we take and leads us along. What a Friend! What a faithful Friend! Blessings, Junie 🙏 💝 💞 💖

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