The Wrong Target

It’s Monday morning and as reasonably thinking adults let’s make a plan to radically change the way we target our source of vexation, that thorn in our side, and that person who continually pushes us to the edge.

ATTENTION – The fights we have with our children, our ex-friend, ex-spouse, our spouses, our haters, or any other family member are distractions from whom the real target is.

2019 we must make some big changes if we want to compete with the person in the mirror. Old ways won’t open new doors.

The fights we recorded, rehearsed, or won in the past were bang on. The only problem is, we were hitting the wrong target.

We targeted humans ….but the fights were against powerful evil, demonic forces that roamed around disguising themselves inside human bodies.

This explains why the fights turned ugly leaving trails of tremendous anger, remorse, bitterness, hatred, painful memories and un-forgiveness dumped along the way.

The derogatory behavior erected walls instead of building bridges. Meanwhile we were hitting the wrong targets.

It was all a setup for a break up carefully orchestrated by demonic forces operating in human bodies.

We can’t fight evil with evil…everyone will end up wounded, divorced, estranged, lonely, suicidal ..and the devil and his demons run away laughing as Hell becomes overpopulated with people who decided to take revenge.

God never intended for us to fight our own battles, because the fight is against forces and rulers of darkness in the spiritual world…things we can’t see with our human eyes.

It’s spirit vs. spirit. Allow God to go to war on your behalf. Let it GO! It’s bigger than you and I.


The real enemy is Satan and his evil forces…not your children, exes, spouses, or any other human being.

Many of the generations before have died in the battles, and never won the war.

Showing up to every argument that you’re invited to will leave you shattered and hateful.

Newsflash – HEAVEN RULES and God has publicly snatched back the keys to Hell thousands of years ago through the tears, sweat, and blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It’s time to get smart and reclaim your peace. IT IS FINISHED!

Thank God for our praying ancestors …and if we didn’t have them in our family history…we have the opportunity to become prayer warriors for our generation and those after them as the struggles never stops.

Heaven runs things on the earth that’s why we need a Savior. There’s only room for one King and His Name is JESUS.

Kudos to all who will fearlessly make a choice to RESIST the urge to intentionally punish others because they have done us wrong. Reclaim your peace!

We will remain confident of this – “We will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.”

God can turn things around without your help….and He will turn it around in your favor.

Pray on all occasions with all kinds of prayers. And we will hold our peace.

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