The Tree With Strong Roots Do Not Fear The Storm

We can trust God to put every piece of our lives together. Growing up in a large family was absolutely the MOST memorable experience in my life… especially when 99% of my siblings were older than me. 😊

I looked forward to going on evening walks with my Mom and my siblings as there were many teaching moments as we slowly walked through the neighborhood.

My Mom was our first teacher in every way…she did not leave that responsibility to anyone else. She was a wise, god-fearing woman who learned from her Mother. She never missed an opportunity to teach us…the third generation of our godly legacy.

My Mom talked about everything. She played an active role in our upbringing. She talked to us when we were sitting at home, walking the streets, she talked with us from the time we got up in the morning, when we got home from school, and when it was bedtime.

Her voice was the first and last thing we heard every day. She kept abreast with all that was happening in our lives and knew how to pray for us through the different stages.

She knew the intricacies of raising a large family which we as children were completely oblivious to…thanks to her godly wisdom.

Growing up we ate all our meals together, attended the same schools, learned the same principles of life ….and yet there were no guarantee that some of her children will get through life running through red lights, ending up as casualties …and becoming survivors.

All families have dysfunctions but my Mom handled our dysfunctions like a skilled architect who designed and supervised her family aiming for well rounded healthy adults.

My Mom most certainly had her large share of disappointments and discouragement as she watched her kids maneuver their way into adulthood.

Imagine if my Mom was here what would she say: “Hi, my name is Bernice Ruth. By an act of faith I blessed each of my children. Blessing them with God’s blessing, not my own.

I died not yet seeing what God had promised to do in my children’s lives, but I still believed. I taught my children to turn disadvantages into opportunities.

I taught them to win battles that were designed to destroy their confidence. We had stories that will place us in the House of Shame but the LORD stood with us and gave us strength.

Our pain was our learning curve…but we didn’t go quiet in our faith. I fought a good fight and I passed on the torch from my Mother to the next generation.”



That precious memory triggered the rich faith that was handed down from my grandmother Dorothy to my mother Bernice Ruth then to me, and now to my children!

Jesus said that Satan has demanded the right to test each one of us, but He has prayed that our faith will be strong. And when we have come back to God, we must strengthen others.

I thank God for my praying Grandmother and my Mother.

5 thoughts on “The Tree With Strong Roots Do Not Fear The Storm

  1. Amen! A righteous seed, quietly planted in the ground, covered over, has grown to a mighty tree with many branches providing fruit, sustenance and shelter to many. Blessings to you, Junie, as you continue spreading the blessings you have received to so many internationally.

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  2. There is no substitute for Godly heritage and the ensuing legacy. May this Godly legacy continue to live from generation to generation. I am not certain if we all appreciate (and sometimes we do not get there until we are seasoned adults) and understand the power of a praying mother.

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