Choice. Chance. Change.

God calls children our blessings and our gifts. Children are our heritage from the LORD and they are like arrows in our hands. But what happens when our ‘blessings’ step over the threshold to adulthood?

Remember Samson?

● Samson was set apart from birth with a gift of supernatural strength to do a humongous work for God.

● He went down to the city where he saw a Philistine woman

● He returns home and informed his parents that he met his wife

● His parents tried to discourage him from marrying this strange woman

● He insisted that she was the only one he wanted and he married her

● One evening as he slept, his newly wed wife cuts his hair and called in the enemies who gouged his eyes out and held him captive.

Samson’s strength is gone after making one choice, he took a chance that changed his life forever.

God gives us free choices:

  • He did not put the forbidden tree to the back of the Garden of Eden. It was right in the middle. He told them “Don’t eat”. Period.
  • He knows our cravings will cause us to do wrong when we become desensitized to making God our number one priority

It’s traumatic to watch our children walk away from the truth…but like God, we must leave them up to their own free will… they are adults.

  • They hang out with the wrong crowd
  • They are misguided
  • They enter business transactions with their blindfolds on
  • They have fatal attractions episodes

Who has put a spell on our generation?

Something has happened and it’s unfortunate that our children may have lost their vision, hearing, and mind….out of rebelliousness like Samson did.

  • What does light have to do with darkness?
  • It’s disturbing that a segment of the millennium generation who grew up with Christian values no longer have the crucified Jesus in clear focus in their lives.
  • They have stepped over to an unmanned border and have adopted values that are foreign to them.

The. Saddest. Moment. In. Any. Parent’s. Life. Is. To. Witness. A. Child. Walk. Away. From. The. Truth.

Okay, my mistake…it’s more painful to try and understand their reasoning when they think that going to church on Sundays will demonstrate that they still have a right standing with God. Someone once said that if you sit in your garage – that doesn’t make you a car.

  • Does Jesus Christ go strolling with the Devil?
  • Trust and mistrust do not hold hands

Our body is the temple where God lives. Would we dare turn the temple into a graveyard where anyone can come in and sleep?

God says to all of us …leave the compromising for good.

Nothing will stand in our way if we choose to walk wisely….we will stumble but will not fall.

6 thoughts on “Choice. Chance. Change.

  1. So true! Sometimes we just have to let go and let God. He is able. He is mighty. He his powerful. He is faithful. There is nothing to difficult for him to do. He keeps his promises, one of which is “train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he will not depart”. Our responsibility is part one, and God’s promise and responsibility is part two of the verse.

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