Get Up and Try Again

Someone said, “Failure is not final.” But, failure feels like it’s final when you are alone with your own unforgiving thoughts.

No one should ever have to live without the support and love of others. Life is difficult by itself … so don’t hesitate to reach out for help or to look for someone who’s struggling to get back up after a bout of defeat.

Keep in mind that anyone can fall at anytime.

If you say, “That’s none of my business,” will that give us an excuse pass to ignore others?

Looking over someone who is drowning with guilt and shame is everyone’s business. God is certainly not impressed with our weak excuses ‘that’s none of my business’. When we lend a hand to someone who is struggling to stand…we ourselves sleep better at nights.

Regardless of how many times we or anyone else mess up, get back up again.

Don’t laugh or gossip about someone else’s fall…God will see and become very angry, and will turn and have compassion on the fallen.

Let’s encourage each other to try again … without any warning our lives can turn upside down, and who knows how or when it might happen.

Those who trust in God … feels His love and gets back up and try again. Their dependency is on God and His unfailing love. It’s never final until we take our last breath.

When our trust is in God, He snatches us when we stumble and grabs a hold of our hands. We will not be held prisoners of our past. None of us can go back and change our past…so let it go!

We are each other’s keepers!

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