Learn To REST

So many times we keep going and going … then suddenly ‘the not so fun’ feelings creep into our lives and BAM! We get messed up emotionally.

Listening to your body is crucial to maintaining your health, your peace, your happiness and your endurance. If you get tired – learn to Rest. Being well rested can reduce stress and irritability.

Sometimes as adults we need to put ourselves on time out and simply allow ourselves to take a nap. We often feel like things will fall apart if we don’t get them done…the truth is, some things might fall apart…but it certainly is not the end of the world.

Nothing good happens when our feelings are out of whack..so don’t feel bad for taking a break. Recognize when you need a break and do something about it.

Just because you’re tired doesn’t mean that you have failed. Let go! Put everything down and just breathe!

It’s okay if you get tired, make no excuses… just Rest.

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