Catch The Little Foxes

Lord, help me to be alert and ready to catch the ‘little foxes’ who will spoil my vineyard.

Our heart is the most powerful tool we have, therefore it must be guarded under all circumstances at all times. It’s where we keep our dreams, our beliefs, our passions, and our hopes.

We must be watchful for those ‘little foxes’ that creep into our vineyard/heart to spoil (discourage) our dreams, passions, and our beliefs.

The treasures of our hearts are all on loan from God with an expiry date stamped on it. If we give up or miss the right season … it is over. Neither can we leave it for others to inspire us and just simply hope for the best. We are our own watchmen!

The enemy uses all kinds of weapons to attack the dreams we carry in our hearts. They come in forms of disappointment, discouragement, and frustration – from family, friends and faultfinders.

To win is to battle. Be friends with people who are loyal because loyalty stands the test of time. Loyalty is a lifestyle, it’s consistent and it’s easy to detect. Free yourself from dream snatchers, and folks who are consistently taking small bites of your happiness…they are the little foxes that spoil the vineyards.

Foxes are not household pets…they are destructive with only goal, to create a nightmare for you. Your job is to catch them and protect your dreams. Don’t give up! Five, ten years from now, make sure you can say that you did it! Don’t allow the little foxes to get inside our hearts…they will destroy all your dreams and secrets you have buried inside.

Fight the good fight! Finish the race! Keep the faith!

4 thoughts on “Catch The Little Foxes

  1. There was a song we used to sing in Sunday school – “Satan is a sly old fox, if I catch him I’ll put him in a box. Lock the box and throw way the keys…..”
    A fox is known to be sly, cunning and sneaky rather than bold, daring or ‘in your face’ – yes we have to be in guard for the little foxes. Good thought.

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