Everything Dead Isn’t Dead

It’s January 31, 2019. Reality Check – 31 days of 365 days have been tucked away in history. We can’t withdraw, delete or change anything. 

How did we do? Are we aware that sometimes God intentionally allow us to sit in the valley with dry bones (skeletons) to allow us the opportunity to see a miracle in the making? God isn’t asking us to figure it out, He’s asking us to trust Him.

Quick summery found in Ezekiel 37 – God’s Spirit took the Prophet Ezekiel in a valley with only dry bones (skeletons). God instructed Ezekiel to speak into the future of the skeletons. He was told to say, ‘Dry bones listen to the Message of God’ …then God told the dry bones ‘I’m bringing the breath of life to you and you’ll come to life.’ and God breathe life into the dry bones and they became a great army.

Is it possible that we may have missed the only reason why God sometimes allow us to sit in a valley of dry bones (difficult child, the broken relationship, the financial crisis, etc)? This caught my attention and had me asking myself some really hard questions. Should we be prophesying (say that a specified thing will happen in the future) to the dry bones? Was God waiting all along for us to prophesy so He can breathe life into these dry bones?

It’s highly possible that we miss hearing God many times because we were too consumed with the crazy tactics of the enemy. God asks Ezekiel ‘can these bones live?’ (Ezekiel 37:3). I began thinking hard and long about this question too myself…Only you know Lord.

As Ezekiel prophesied (say that a specified thing will happen in the future) there was a sound and a rustling, and the bones moved and came together, bone to bone. Then the Sinews formed, then muscles on the bones, then skin stretched over them. but they had no breath in them. God breathed life and the dry bones came alive. They stood up on their feet and became a huge army.

I believe God is looking for someone to prophesy ( say that a specified thing will happen in the future) to some dry bones. God will breathe life back into them and they will stand up and form a huge army. 

On now to Chapter Two (Month of February). 


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