Mercy Disappoints Satan

There are two times in life when parenting is scary – when the baby arrives at home and when the baby turns into an adult and leaves home.

Both stages demands two levels of total dependency on God. We can trust God! Our kids came with a God-given plan long before they received their birth certificates. Heaven registered their arrival long before earth knew they were here.

A family is only as strong or successful as its weakest or least successful member. No one has it all together but everyone can take full responsibility to get each other to the finished line. For anyone to judge a family by their weakest link is like judging the value of a car by one flat tire.

A well balanced family gets past petty arguments, occasional personally clashes, and painful Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners… we will not be happy without each other.

If one person doesn’t step up and perform well…it’s up to the rest of the family to put on their game face and call a truce. Someone once said, “One wave doesn’t have the potential to bring the big ocean to a standstill.”

Mercy disappoints Satan. If we don’t pray with and for each other in spite of our differences… things will only get worse. If we team up, we will look back at it sometime later and smile and say “God, thank you for having our backs.

There’s a race that is set before us…the race is set…we are in a race, so let’s get rid of the petty things from our lives that keep us from finishing strong. Our individual weaknesses will cause us to grow fainthearted …but if we pull our strengths together we can win the war for our family.

If God brings us to it, He will bring us through it.

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