The Struggle Is Real

When the going gets rough, put God to the test. Our faith in God is judged when we come face to face with a bold and stubborn challenge that requires great effort and determination.

We live with expectation that the worse can miraculously become our greatest joy. It’s a decision we make to keep our emotions in check and to stand on God’s promises.

A champion of the faith doesn’t make deals with the opposing sides.

We play by the rules of our Promise Keeper only.

Anyone who dare to believe God in the midst of fierce opposition must be prepared for the battle. It’s the only way our faith in God is tested.

When God’s promises doesn’t match up with what we are seeing…we then have to bow our heads and say a prayer. It can be daunting to wait on God…but allow God to be our ventilator. When we are physically unable to breathe, He will deliver breath to us.

Faith is our lifeline to what we cannot see or imagine. If we disconnect from our faith, we will die emotionally and mentally and spiritually.

Faith develops character allowing God to bring about the long awaited promise.We may never know what good or ill may be reserved for us…but we are fully persuaded that God is able to keep all that we have committed to Him.

When we find ourselves losing hope …it’s time to push harder to finish strong. Standing on the promises of God is a choice. It’s okay to be real with God and let Him know our struggles. He promises to sustain us in our weakest moments.

God is always ready to help us in times of trouble.

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