Straighten Your Crown 👑

Life happens. Satan works hard to steal, kill, and destroy our CONFIDENCE in ourselves, in others, and most of all in God. Broken relationships, fights, arguments, financial problems, sicknesses, and other WEIGHTY matters crush our spirit.

Satan stops at nothing to personally force us into a ‘no confidence mode’ on everything that was designed for our happiness – relationships, money, health, etc. No one should ever accept unhappiness as the final chapter in their life. The Sun does come out the following day.

It takes courage and wisdom to pull oneself out of the pit of ‘low confidence’. The good news is, when we are in a relationship with God — the moment we get weary in the waiting, God comes alongside to help us.

In our lowest, lowest moments when we can’t find the words to pray — Jesus is praying for us. Our tears are prayers that only God can interpret. Our sighs are a language that Heaven knows very well. When God knows we are dependent on Him, He turns the curse into a blessing.

Do things automatically turn around because of God’s promise? Not at all. Sometimes things look worse than before. But when God gives us a promise — it’s important for God to find us waiting on Him.

All that was meant for evil, God will turn it into good. Straighten your crown as often as is needed. Just don’t give up! It’s NOT over until we take our final breath.

Our testimony is connected to EVERYTHING that drives us to our knees.

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