Write Your Own Story

When you write your own story you have the awesome privilege to :

  • Write what you see
  • Write clearly so it can be least misunderstood
  • Edit as you often as necessary
  • Have the power to write a new chapter everyday
  • The book gets very interesting as new experiences bring on new perspectives on life
  • The greatest gift of writing is — anyone can take a page out of your book but they can’t imitate your creativity

Our personal story is a witness to what life was before, what it is now, and the choices we will make tomorrow. An author never knows when it will be their last chapter — so never write at length on mistakes, failures, the unnerving midnight sounds of fear and troubles — they are all temporary. Every new chapter has potential to become the most powerful chapter found in our book.

One of the devil’s tricks is to shut us up so he can hold us hostage to our secretive life. Everybody has their own story — there’s no need to compete or duplicate someone else’s story. Grab your pen and become unstoppable. It’s actually empowering to become vulnerable because everyone is fighting a battle and someone can be inspired. Don’t allow anyone else to write your story.

Everyday we are all writing our own stories whether mentally, emotionally or physically. I’m thinking about my legacy each and every time I write. After I’m gone into eternity someone else will read my story and hopefully they will be inspired..

4 thoughts on “Write Your Own Story

  1. Thank you for writing and thank you for sharing your story. Each day is new and inspiring. May you have the strength and grace to continue daily. Blessings!! πŸ€—πŸ’

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