Awkward Conversation

Something has gone wrong — good morals, respect, integrity, honesty, loyalty, and character building have been muffled in our society today. We have lost important life’s principles and values during the millennium years.

Sooner than we can imagine the upcoming generations won’t even have a clue about loyalty, respect, friendships, honesty and integrity. It’s going to be up to us who know better to reinforce these healthy principles and values before it completely vanishes off the face of the earth.

No one wants to get married anymore because it’s too ‘expensive’ and ‘outdated’ — but having sex is free — so they jump into bed without any idea about the sexual history of their non-committed partners, or any possibility of contracting sexual transmitted diseases.

Our phones breaks and we cry. We lose respect — and no one cries.

Without saying a word, our clothes can tell who we are and makes you vulnerable to eager seductive eyes. ‘Dress the way you want’ is creating heated discussions as women fight off unwanted sexual attention.

Smoking marijuana and drinking strong drinks are the new norm — to choose not to do this makes you look weird. And no one wants to look weird so it’s becoming cool to follow the crowd in spite of the discomfort of one’s choices.

Children are being pulled into sexual dens by perverts and also by the type of music they are exposed to, while their parents are working longer hours to pay the family’s cellphone bills, keep up with the latest technology for the family, and to put food on the table. Meanwhile family dinners and meetings are considered old fashioned.

Attending church for two to three hours and giving 10% of our monies earned (to take care of the daily running of the church) are questioned and frowned upon by some folks — while going to a club for several hours and spending large sums of money for drinks and gambling habits have become the accepted ‘norm’.

My husband and I made a deliberate decision to teach our children the way of the Lord. They were raised under the watchful eyes of our God-fearing home. When they became adults and moved into their own castles — our work in parenting was over. God no longer holds us responsible for any of their choices — our only commitment is to pray for them as they are now into their own parenting stages.

Dear Parents, we must fight for our family. The war is raging like a wild fire burning up everything and everyone in its pathway. Life is not a rehearsal. Years wait on no one to get their acts together.

I close with the following thought I read somewhere:

It’s everyone’s responsibility, yet no one is doing the job.

When something is everybody’s job, it’s effectively nobody’s job.

Nobody is actually accountable to do the work, and everybody can rationalize that they thought someone else was doing it.

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