Strengthen Your Defense

Someone once said, “The strongest people are the ones who are still kind even after the world tore them a part.” We are all human, and we all have wants, needs, and emotions. Never be apologetic when you feel like your strength is fading…strong people do get tired being strong.

Being strong doesn’t mean that we should ignore our feelings and pretend that life is all “honky dory.” Sometimes the strongest people in our lives just need someone to hug them for one moment and remind them that everything will be okay.

Jesus’ primary concern was His disciples. He had a special concern for those who were always serving others – He allowed them to rest, and they shared meals together.

To all the strong folks who keep giving and giving — be alert! The devil is positioning himself to cause you to give up.

Keep your guard up. You can’t give up now. You’ve come too far to turn back. How long have you been going? Ten years, thirty years, forty years? Keep a firm grip on the faith. The pain won’t last forever. It won’t be long before God who has great thoughts and perfect plans for you will put it all together and have you back on your feet for good. He gets the last word — yes, He does.
Don’t lose hope or become insincere in your calling. It’s true, people can drain you, but God will restore you. There’s nothing they can do to your soul. Save your fear for God, who holds your entire life—body and soul—in His hands.

Strengthen your defense and keep praying…not for one moment has God forgotten you.

4 thoughts on “Strengthen Your Defense

  1. This is so true.

    Here is a text that was sent to my daughters just yesterday “Children – here this – we are traveling to Miami in first class. Air hostess after air hostess on different occasions came to and directly verbally complimented mom. One loves her hair, one loves her nails, another loves her shirt and her shoes. No one told me anything. I really felt left out and i was seated at the aisle and mom was seated at the window which means, everything that was said had to pass right in front of me. So, i am coming to my daughters to perk me up a bit”

    Boy oh Boy they (all four girls) all did within minutes of receiving the text. It felt really good.
    My point here is that every one needs love (smile)

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    1. Being strong all the time is tiring. Grown men come home and they need to be loved and shown appreciation. You are blessed that your girls spoil you. Love you my husband of my youth 😊😊❤


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