Beware of Hidden Peace Stealers

When you lose your peace, you lose your strength…when you lose your strength, it’s hard for your heart to go on.

Most peace stealers come after a big win. It takes only a negative attitude or a sleazy comment to send us shaking and running for covers. We often feel discouraged after a great emotional high…that mountaintop to valley experience – but really —that’s adult living. We tend to let our guards down and ‘BAM’ we are blindsided by a curve ball that send us running for protection.

If you are longing to hold on to your peace, we must learn not to sweat the small stuff. Peace stealers comes a dime a dozen…they are very common. From the moment our feet hit the floor in the morning…there’s a possibility that there’s an email waiting to be opened, a text message, or a phone call that is loaded with ammunition and has the potential to ruin your day. Be confident that you and I are not the only ones who find ourselves in the pit of peace stealers.

Peace stealers are busy doing what they do best and that is stealing our peace in our most unguarded moments. I’ve been a victim of peace stealers over and over again until I figure out how to detect the signs before it paralyzes me. I’ve wasted a lot of time being held hostage to some petty insignificant stuff. If it’s my peace then it’s my duty to protect it as much as it is within me.

To steal is to take something without the permission or knowledge of the owner and keep it. To do something quickly; or without being noticed.

We must become aware of the traps that are set up during our unguarded moments. It’s like the saying, ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.’ Stand on guard after your next win…don’t let your guard down…it’s a decision we have to make again and again as long as we are living in this sin filled world. We must take control over our minds and chose to be at peace regardless of what comes our way by shaking stuff off immediately.

Pray for each other. Keep your eyes open. Keep each other encouraged so no one is left behind. Be prepared to finish strong. We are up against far more than we can handle on our own so call on Jesus.We must learn to discipline our thoughts…one thought leads to a second thought and then we lose our peace.

As we scroll through our emails, social media, and text messages …if we see something we don’t like or agree with, purpose in your heart to move on, If you don’t have something positive or encouraging to say…ignore and move along. Do everything that’s humanly possible not to feed the dramas that others bring into your life. Stay Focus on YOU!

Being controlled by peace stealers is unhealthy and dangerous. Emotions are unstable so choose to think of the things that bring you the greatest level of peace that you deserve.

It’s prayer time:

Jesus, you said that you will leave your peace with us, not the peace the world has to offer us but YOUR peace. Help us not to get worried or upset, or afraid. Thank you Jesus for your peace. Amen

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