It’s Sounds Fishy To Me

Dictionary meaning of an analogy is a comparison of two things to show their similarities, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification. The following should be very interesting…hope I’m right.

We all have heard this before- “Don’t worry there’s plenty fish in the sea” or “There’s plenty more where that came from”. But did anyone warn us how hard it is to catch a fish. Some men were fishing all night and they caught nothing. Some fishes are toxic and some are healthy. Some big fish eat little fish, and there’s actually a fish call a clown fish (a very interested name) that feeds off the plants under the sea. I had to google that one…

Not all fish are good catch as some folks have found out after decades of fishing and throwing them back into the water. Why would anyone continue fishing in the same spot and coming home with empty nets year after year? Then in their desperation they begin searching on the internet to buy fish from untrustworthy sources.

The more desperate the fisherman is, is the easier for him to catch any kind of fish. All he wants is to have dinner tonight because he’s hungry. But sadly, the fish in the net is unaware they are only food for one night.

Then there are those who fish for a sport …they catch the fish and throws it back into the water, they are just doing it for fun.

Then there’s the ardent fisherman whose rod gets a strong tug and he knows it’s okay to pull it up. And to everyone’s surprise he caught an amazing catch.

Now, there are some incredible women who go fishing too … but they know that not everything that tugs on their fishing pole is always a good catch. They are not desperate to eat so they can wait for the right catch. They are patient and strong enough not to feel disappointed.

Smart women know instantly if the fish is toxic or healthy. They know that no amount of preparation and hard work can turn a toxic fish into a healthy fish.

A real man will always do his absolute best to catch the best fish and when there’s no second guessing in his mind, he invites everyone to show off his catch.

On the other hand, an immature fisherman will be inconsistent, go fishing anytime, makes a great catch but he throws the fish back into the water assuming he has time. He’s in it for the sport.

A word to the wise is sufficient but a fool thinks his own way is right.

Fishing takes time and patience. It’s frustrating fishing in creeks and ravines and whining about the quality of the fish. If you can’t handle holiness, you will keep catching the wrong fish.

If it smells fishy then something is wrong. There are plenty fish in the sea but if you keep catching the toxic ones you have only yourself to blame.

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