Get Up and Rule Your World

Emotional baggage is packing an old battered suitcase with negative feelings from people, places, and experiences from our past that are still on repeat in our minds.

Life brings a variety of emotions through everyday experiences that can either destroy us or we can allow them to make us stronger. It all depends on how much effort you want to put into your growth.

Everyday life hands us stuff that we wish we didn’t have to deal with but that’s not reality. We make life more difficult for ourselves when we choose to carry around our old tattered suitcase loaded with past hurts and nightmares of being a victim to someone’s cruelty.

Is it time to make the decision to unpack stuff that no longer fits where we are going? Stuff don’t just disappear on their own, we must make a choice to exchange suitcases and set new destinations for ourselves.

Two years from now we should be proud that we made the decision today to move on. Our future should be better than our past and our present.

Avoid overthinking. Turn failure and mistakes into something positive for you and for others. Life can be great if you choose to stop the negative chatter in your head while packing for your next destination.

Your fears can actually be used to channel the greatness chained inside of you. Others have conquered their fears and so can you. Self pity never produces anything great, it just keeps you waiting at the bus stop instead of the airport.

Stop scrolling through videos and quotes that holds you ransom to your past pains. Get up and conquer your fears. This is your season. Don’t give in to fear. Set boundaries. Get up and RULE YOUR WORLD!

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